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Kia Driving Guide

Introduction to Kia Driving Guide

Kia Motors aims to ensure more comfortable, safer driving experience for our customers. Kia Driving Guide is full of practical and useful tips for your driving. You can find various tips for check lists before driving, cautions for driving, how to respond to different situations, functions, specifications, and how to operate them, etc.

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Kia Parking Guide

How to remove car scuffs

How to use the heater

How to drive through a rotary

How to use side mirrors when changing lanes

How to use the air conditioning efficiently

How to adjust wipers

How to use the child lock

How to use engine breaks when slippery

Car warning lights' colors meaning

Car warning lights meaning

How to rest foot in ramps

How to maintain your car's wipers

How to deal with a smart key out of battery

How to read tread wear indicator

Car dashboard's red lines

How to use auto hold

How to adjust the steering wheel

How to see the tire pressure

How to adjust driving modes

How to control lights

How to cope with light coming behind

Alert for car's regular maintenance

How to tow without a towing car

How to handle engine overheats

How to deal with fuel warning light

Driving together with a pet

Correctly installing the car seat

Using mobile phones while driving

Getting out of the car in summer

Use the Dutch Reach when getting out

Safe refueling

How to wear safety belt in different situations

Forward parking

Make room for others

Yield to emergency vehicles

Principles to observe when yielding

Safe Following Distance

A Single Button, So Many Uses

For our Children’s Safety

For Safe Driving at Night